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Noma Trade DWC LLC

Who are we

A visionary company committed to conduct responsible wholesale & Technology business in the Middle East & Africa. 

We help you to understand the potential of growing your business by creating a balance between people and profit

Our innovation friendly company offers excellent opportunities for manufacturing, transport, construction, science, technology, and Automotive companies to work with us and leverage from our contacts and knowledge of the market.

Noma Trade facilitates the exchange of ideas and concepts and a one stop shop that will create collaborations and inspire business success. 
With a strong local presence and personal contacts with decision makers in Middle East & Africa we have the key to a success

Product & Services

You can count on Noma Trade DWC LLC to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests.
Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like more information about a specific offering.


Cloud management and control of smart TVs, mobile devices and casting solutions.
Leader in functionality, stability and ease of use. With smart TV implementations, investment costs can be significantly reduced using existing infrastructure. This flexibility also includes hybrid solutions with mixed infrastructure.
Built on a HTML5 foundation, the software works across multiple platforms and delivers a seamless user experience across TVs, tablets and smart phones.
Powerful tools are provided for branding and customisation, including graphical languages such as Arabic.
Screen Casting
Netflix, HBO, Youtube and more – all of your favourite content displayed securely.
Today, almost everyone carries a smart device containing their subscriptions to popular content streaming platforms. Our Cast enables the smart device to easily cast content onto the large in-room screen.
Intuitive onscreen instructions guide the user from start to finish. For security purposes, Noma utilises secure authentication between the smart device and the TV, this ensures that content is only shown on the desired screen.
Cut costs by aligning services with real needs. Fact based decision making.
The statistics application provides insight into how  interactive solutions are being used. Learn more about user engagement and optimise your platform to meet your specific user needs.
Noma utilises the cloud to gather and analyse this large dataset. As this data analysis is hosted centrally, you can access and view all live data and historical reports through a web browser.

Digital Signage

Web based software focuses on simplicity and ease of use, whilst maintaining market leading feature rich applications.

Our digital signage solutions provide you with powerful communication throughout your property. Now installed in over 600 business facilities in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Reach your guests, property-wide.
Share the right message at the right time.
Consistent messaging with your branding.
Generate revenue via in-house sales promotions.
Allows complete mobile management of signage content and event data.
Live mobile upload of content
iOS and Android support
WiFi or 4G/5G connection
Adaptive layout for Tablet/Phone
Technical service tools for IT department
ROI from elimination of printing costs.
Environmentally friendly, reduce paper usage.


Always Prepared.
Since its founding, Noma Trade DWC LLC has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. Providing OEM tech solutions to car manufacturers in the region.

Todays Auto makers are facing challenges on a day to day basis. The needs of the industry and society has to be economically attractive, while the rules of the game changes to suit the moment as technology evolves. Identifying the potential future growth opportunities in the automotive industry is part of  our mission.

The most important thing is that the part used fits right and functions as it should long after the car leaves the bay. 

Installing better parts is simply better for you and your business. .

Why don’t you get the best part available in the market from Noma Trade?

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Outsource your Sales or just technical Support

Local knowledge & Experience

Entering a new market is difficult and costly. You have to set up an office in a new country. Hiring new people, Legal rules and regulation, contracts and a lot of headache.

Hiring a Country Manager locks you into a contract, and the travel cost can easily get out of control.

The alternative could be going into reseller agreements, which are often problematic as you can not implement your own business strategy, nor have any control over the operation…

We provide expert advice on how to set up your business in Dubai or a simple solution at a very small monthly fee:

  • Direct or indirect sales
  • Full control on your business
  • Your Brand
  • No contract Lock


Or you simply need:

  •  Avoiding travel cost of an engineer going onsite
  • Customer facing technical support
  • Local hands onsite when doing remote installations

Let’s talk to see which package suites your company best.









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